Empathy has decreased by 40% the last three decades. 

Being connected to our phones and tablets makes us disconnect from each other.

This effects us at home, in the workplace and in the educational sector - therefore, it is more important now than ever - to build social and emotional skills - where empathy is key. 

I am Siri Abrahamsen, a curious and enthusiastic optimist, speaker, writer and advisor. I am here to make us more empathetic and connected - by sharing tools, insights and real life stories.


Loneliness is increasing significantly...


I want to change that.


this is what I do ...

I work with many different people in all sorts of companies, sectors and walks of life. What is great with the challenges I'm working on is that they cover the human aspect, so basically it applies to all humans.

How we interpret the world, how we see our own role in comparison with the people we interact with. It's about knowing ourselves deeper so we can relate better to others. It's about finding a common ground - which fuels connection. When we connect with people on a deep level - empathy grows. When we let go of judgements and assumptions - thats where we can find our fascination and appreciation for the person in front of us. Curiosity and enthusiasm - two great ingredients for building and lifting the people we surround ourselves with - being at work, in our homes and families, with the neighbour or the bus driver or the man on the street. Wherever there is people, there is an opportunity to create a positive impact. 



Workplace - Bringing values and connecting people for better results

I provide workshops, consulting,  lecturing, conflict solving,  key notes, and mentoring/coaching. 



Educate life skills - Gleding™ // Gladding

Concept for children to develop social and emotional skills from an early age. Targets families, kinder gardens and schools with tools like books and different presentations and courses for children, parents, teachers, school administration and politicians. 



Now you have seen my work for business and education, I also offer a range of tools for you personally ...

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